Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's not THE Baja dumbass.

There's a small subset of Baja travelers who do things that piss me off. Here my list:

1. I don't visit "THE Canada", there is not a single local who says, "Vivo en LA Baja" (I live in THE Baja). If I want some poutine I'll go to, "Canada" and if I lived in Baja, I'd just say, "Vivo en Baja". So for the love of God stop saying "THE Baja". You sound stupid and you're bothering me.

Me, going to my happy place.
2. Burn your toilet paper. Just because you can squat, shit and piss without hitting your shoes, you shouldn't assume it's okay to litter the dunes with your crap confetti. Bury your turd, bring your used TP back to your fire and burn that shit.

3. You're driving a 40k dollar 4x4 Tundra, your surfboard costs $700, that Patagonia down jacket you're wearing set you back $300- so knock of the cheapskate, weasel, bullshit and pay the poor fisherman the WHOLE nine bucks he's asking for in camp fees. Don't haggle, don't bargain, just say thank you and pay the guy because you can handle it.

4. Unless your passport is green and says Mexico on the cover, don't start claiming local status. No matter how long you've lived in your newly adopted home town, you'll never be the guy to call visiting surfers out. Why? Because, guess what? You're just an expat statistic, a guest, and most likely a kook.

5. Yes, dog leash laws are pretty much non-existent in Baja. And yes, on most beaches there's all kinds of dogs running free all over the place- it's beach dog heaven. Does that mean all rules are out the window? Hell no! I don't let to collect your dog's turd between my toes so pick up your dog's shit- you f#cking jerk.

I feel so much better now.

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Deckbagz said...

Haha. Don't hold back on how you really feel.