Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Exclusive! Super Stoke!

What up people? Manny V here! You're going to hear it first on! I don't want it to sound like a sales pitch for Standup Journal Magazine but why not!? I'm pumped! Check it...

Standup Journal's biggest ever (182 pages!) "Spring 2013"  doesn't even hit newsstands til March 21st, but Clay and the Journal staff have given me the ok to let the cat outta the bag!

I GOT MY FIRST COVER SHOT! Yes, I'm pumped! Plus, I get a little write up near the contents page. I've been shooting Sean Poynter while he's in town. He's my go to guy when it comes to pulling into barrels on his SUP board. Obviously, it paid off!

Here's the plug... Subscribers who sign up by Feb. 24th, midnight, will get this issue TWO WEEKS before the March 21st newsstand date. Get on it!

I'm stoked! Plus, I get a paycheck. Next round on me.