Monday, September 10, 2012

Hit your board really hard with a steel pole. Check this Vid out!

I was laughing out loud when I saw this- pretty rad:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dependable: 8 to take to the bank

 Like a 22R, here are some things you can count on:

1. There will be a swell on Labor Day... but it won't get good until Tuesday; when you're back in your cubicle.

2. Your brand new, custom shaped, stand up paddleboard ripstick will be delayed... and the shaper will blame the glassers.

Ain't gonna let you down.
3. There will always be toilet paper in the DogPatch bathrooms.

4. If you thought your 8'6 stando was short enough, you'll be ordering an 8'2" in a couple of months.

5. In a pre-surf session frenzy, you will someday forget to tighten the FCS/Futures set screw and your $100 carbon fiber side fin will find a new home on the bottom.

6. The person serving your breakfast at Pipe's Cafe will be at least a 9.5, most likely a 10.

7. There will be a stingray in that last two inches of water.

8. The amount of people surfing and the water temperature will continue to be directly related.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

South swells, cutbacks and kite surfing.

What a weekend here in Southern California (ps. if you are a California native, you never call our state Cali). Right now, outside my door it's so hot, humid and mosquito infested that it feels like mainland Mex. It's been that way all weekend. Alright, let me point this verbal ship in some sort of direction and knock off the items in the title: 

South Swells: Well, I can say with confidence that it mostly went right past southern San Diego. Too steep of an angle to really smack us. Day 1, Saturday, I checked it every three hours from day break to noon. I was not inspired. It was crossed up, chopped up and mostly closed out. Water was warm though. I did surf on Sunday and Monday but it was nothing to get excited about. Today, Tuesday was much better, I surfed DogPatch and had a good time- glassy, hot and about three foot.

Cutbacks: Damn, my favorite turn in stand up paddle surfing! I got a chance to speed out on the flats and wrap 'em all the way around right back into the whitewash. Anybody can speed down the line, not too many know how to whip these barges back around. 

Kitesurfing: Kited for the first time in four years. I need to get my skills back up to speed for my extended stay down south this winter. Starting to think about putting a kite quiver back together again- more toys!