Monday, April 30, 2012

Played out

Played out...

The expression, written on Facebook: "Yewww"
The word ├╝ber used in any context at any time... anywhere- ever.
This: "I know, right?"

Thank you.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Board for Sale: 8'6 Rusty, Wing Round Pin

My friend Kelly's got a sweet board for sale. This thing's pristine, Kelly takes great care of his boards and turns them over frequently so you know this one's got very little use on it. Check it out:

Here's what you need to know: Custom shaped Rusty Stand Up Board in excellent condition- water tight, no dings... pristine, brah.
If you're in Southern California and you can get down here to San Diego I suggest you do so- this thing will go fast. Here's some more info on the board from Kelly:

Rusty custom
Wing round pin
8-6 x 29 x 4
EPS/Epoxy, light with 6+4+4oz center patch, 6 bottom
2+1 Futures, Liftsup handle, DaKine pad
Contact Kelly at 
See it at Emerald City
1118 Orange Ave
Coronado CA 92118

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Packed, racked... and, once again, it's late.

Always the same thing- doesn't matter how much prep I do, the night before a big trip I'm always up late. Here's the scoop, tomorrow I'm taking 25 highschool kids camping along the Santa Barbara coast. It's a science field trip but I did manage to rack up five stand up boards- I want these kids to give it a shot. The surf report is actually looking pretty good and the weather supposed to be perfect. Who knows? Maybe the little right hander that we're camping in front of might actually come to life. Wouldn't that be cool- a combo surftrip/field trip. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spicolli-san: Jon Kinley's New Infinity Rip Stick

My buddy Jon Kinley up in Dana Point kills it at DogPatch. He's a style master and you'll know it's him because he's the guy laughing his ass off out there. The guy stand up paddles for all the right reasons- and the stoke and attitude has rubbed off on his kid, CD, too. CD's the guy busting the airs and ripping full rail cutties on his super short Infinity stando. Here's a couple shots and captions of both the Kinley's, CD ripping and Jon showing us his new custom board... Spicolli-san. Love it!

Here's the younger Kinley absolutely shralping in tropical waters... I will not name the spot but I did have a nice conversation with David Boehne about it and it's on my shortlist (Hey Jon, let's get our asses down there!).
And Papa Kinley with his new stick. Dude, where's the checkered slip ons?
Here's Jon's thinking behind the shape:

8-5 x 28 x 4 TL Carver but with a Blur/Thumb tail-nice hard rail at the tail. Went with 5 box so I could go Thruster or Quad-love the new smaller I-3 Boehne Bros Fins-fast and loose. Pretty standard rocker-this will be my better conditions board and there are some beach/point breaks around that get fast and steep so just enough rocker to bail me out of a late takeoff but not too much to scrub the boards speed and drive. Slight to  moderate Vee near the tail to make it pivot real nice on the turns and bring the nose around fast-pretty flat mid board.

Bottom shot.

Frickin' sweet spray...
And a little ride report from Jon:

Took it out at mid-high tide dogpatch and still caught waves-very stable. I'm 175-180 so I wanted enough foam that I didn’t struggle just standing there. There are 2 leash plugs that I run Kevlar sailing string loops in so if I walk  long distance I can carry the board by holding onto the paddle-less forearm pump traveling long distance than carrying with the hand well.

Fantastic board-Infinity knows their stuff- Go get one!!