Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wrapping one in Mainland Mexico...

Stand up surfers have a ridiculous advantage on the point breaks. Especially the big, well defined, water-flowing-from-top-to-bottom-like-a-river peelers. If you're crawling (lay down paddling) it's a long slog uphill after a run down the point. On a stand up board it's an easy cruise back with an excellent view. If you've got your skills down, and feel comfortable paddling in ocean chop and swell, there really is no better way to surf a good point. Stand up paddling takes the drudgery out of it and once you've surfed it our way- there's no going back. Except for another long one!

Photo above: The big left point breaks of mainland Mexico are well suited to a stand up surfing approach. Combine a glassy left-handed peeler with a hot goofy footer on the right board and sparks are guaranteed to fly. B.H., pre-bionic hips, lighting one up in deep Mexico.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A couple things to dream about...

These will get you thinking:

A lonely Baja point break, unnamed (by me at least) with only one guy on it. That's Tim Hatler, owner of Palapas Ventana surfing to a crowd of none at a spot somewhere within a hundred miles of his home. We're doing the research now and we hope to offer all inclusive stand up paddle surf trips down to Tim's place. No gear hassles in the airport- just get on the plane. We'll provide boards, paddles, tacos and tequila. Check back for info!

The story here is that this wave reels off for two hundred more yards. And the question you have to ask yourself is this: Knowing that you're going to ride this thing 'til your legs feel like oatmeal, and knowing that you're going to crank more turns on this one wave than you'll push around in a year back home- the real question is... do you have the balls to pull in right off the top? Are you steely enough to set that rail, get low and suck yourself up into that hole? Or do you play it safe and dodge the barrel? Do you got the guts? Well do you, punk?

Now there is more to tell about the spot featured here (and in the photo above). And, evidently, a lot more to see too. Here's the man with the secrets- and the photos- and if we put enough pressure on him he might just give it up. At least we're all hoping he will!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

There will always be room for stand up paddlers.

Look around, paddle down the beach or out to a distant reef, no need to stand up paddle Malibu or Rincon or any "name spot". There'll always be room for stand up paddlers- even if we will have to wear WaterWings to surf them legally. No crowds in the video, just a bunch of us bouncing around in the fog (and not a life jacket in site!):

Thanks for the video Camera Grom!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

FCS SUP Travel Bag: Best on the Market- Video/Photos

Alexis warned me: "'re going to be like a kid in a candy store". Two hours later, there I was, eyes bugged out of my head, wiping the drool off my chin in the FCS warehouse. The place was packed full of surf-hardware. Quality stuff- things not yet released. Items with full-on stand up paddle applications; hot fin templates, heavy duty leashes (I'm testing a couple from the new line- I'll get back to you if and when I finally snap 'em) and the coolest stand up travel bags I've seen:

FCS hit a home run with this bag. It's thickly padded, has a clean fit and features a padded paddle bag that attaches inside the board bag. Obviously, these guys know their business, the bag is well conceived with hardcore travel in mind. Someone at FCS must ride and travel with a stand up board- the details speak for themselves!

I've got two major Baja runs and a fourteen day trip to mainland Mexico on the books- this is the bag I'll be using. Here it is zipped closed....

...with two boards in it! I've got an 8'0 stuck in there too just to show that with the fins removed from the stand up, it wouldn't be a stretch to stick a back up, regular surfboard in there too- I know I will!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Surf Is FIRING!!! Check out some poached photos!

Go check out Carl's site for some day-to-day surf photos- I poached these off of his account- killer morning light and smooth surf. Here's what the boys scored this morning- I was at work... ahhhhh! All photos by Carl.

Top two photos: The Zapper... zipping! Kiwi on his new Stu Kenson stick. Credit: Carl

Three photos above: Barrels, barrels, barrels... it's killing me!

Photo: Dr. John- terminally hooked to his stand up board.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kelly's Journey Part II: Khama is born.

Kelly's Journey Part II: Khama is born.

Photo: After laying on a little glass...

Photo: The board is beginning to take shape! Was there any point at which you were worried that the project might not get completed?

Kelly: Yes definitely, at one point we were having trouble "seeing eye to eye" and I didn't want to bring that negativity into what we were doing with the board. So I let the idea go of having the board and instead just was happy I got to work on it as much as I did. Things worked out. We forgave each other and it was a big accomplishment on both ends to continue to work together. We created something we both loved…and saw that work and experience as a symbol and analogy for our relationship and even life in general.

Photo: We even hand cut and finished the fin. At what point did you start to see a surfboard being born and how did that feel?

Kelly: After we put the first layer of glass on it- that's when it seemed like a surfboard- not just a project. I took it out on the bay to see how it felt and it was so exciting to think that the work we were putting into it was actually turning into something real.

Photo: After a quick primer coat we mixed up some paint and sprayed it on... we call it "tangerine"! How did you decide on the paint scheme and fabric inlay?

Kelly: I went to the fabric store and got swatches of a few different fabrics that I really liked. We then put resin over them to see how they would lay, to make sure it didn't bleed, and to see how the color would change when it was glassed- then chose the best from there. Although the one I liked best was a "crinkle" fabric- so it didn't lay perfectly flat when we glassed it. If I did it again, I would choose a flat fabric. For the paint- we just got creative! I knew I wanted to be bright and colorful. We had some red, yellow, and orange paint and mixed them together to create the "tangerine" orange end product- it matched the fabric perfectly!

Photo: Owner/Operator... and a big smile! Would you do it again?

Kelly: Absolutely! I am very very lucky I had the opportunity to do it in the first place. It made me appreciate shaping in a new way and I learned so much. I love what I created and am proud of it- but like any new hobby/skill - there is a lot of room for improvement and it would be great to keep practicing, keep learning, and keep trying to be better. It was just an amazing experience.

Photo: We laminated the fabric right to the board. If you could give three pieces of advice to anybody hoping to make a board what would they be?

Kelly: 1. Patience! Take your time and don't try to rush through it. Its much harder to go back and correct your mistakes. 2. Find a good teacher! This information is invaluable… Or if you don't have someone to teach you- reach out to as many sources and websites as possible to ask for advice. 3. Just have fun! Don't expect perfection because you won't get it. Just appreciate what you have made. And take lots of pictures.

Photo: If it paddles as good as it looks, we've got a winner! I see you have a label on the board- would you care to explain what it's about?

Kelly: The label on the board says KHAMA which is the Pali word for forgiveness. "the Pali word for forgiveness-khama-also means 'the earth.' A mind like the earth is non-reactive and unperturbed. When you forgive me for harming you, you decide not to retaliate, to seek no revenge. You don't have to like me. You simply unburden yourself of the weight of resentment and cut the cycle of retribution that would otherwise keep us ensnarled in an ugly samsaric wrestling match. This is a gift you can give us both, totally on your own, without my having to know or understand what you've done."

The reason for the name is two-fold. One, the act of forgiveness is a very important aspect in my life so the word is meaningful to me. Two, I made the board with my ex-boyfriend part of making this board together had to do with forgiving each other….and out of forgiveness- a paddle board is born!

Photo: What a cool board! Are you already dreaming about what you'll do differently for your next board or is this a one time deal?

Kelly: I am dreaming!! If this was a one time deal, then I will appreciate it as so, but if I had the opportunity again…..I already have ideas of what I can do better.

Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your story- what an amazing board and project. We'll need to know how it paddles and would love to know what kinds of adventures you and Khama have gotten into. And if I ever see a tangerine board go whizzing by me at San-O I'll know who it is- see you in the water!

Kelly's Journey: Building Khama

I have no idea how I'd start building a stand up board. Too much measuring, too much symmetry for me. I have the attention span of a lump of Play-Doh and zero manual dexterity. I've got hands like a lunchbox, I mess things up. My board would come out looking like an over-sized ironing board. And I'm sure it'd be ugly.

Photo: Kelly's 12' block of foam- hard to believe a board will be cut out of that beast!

Here's a board building story with a happier ending. Kelly's board is, in fact, beautiful. But you'll have to read along for a few days to see the final product. If you're like me, though, you won't mind waiting to see what she's done. There's a good story here and some timeless lessons learned. My favorite: Sometimes the best thing to do is just to let go... Advice that I could use in a few places in my life (did someone say "Book Project").

Photo: An outline is born! Maybe there is a paddle board in there. A little background: What made you decide to build your own board? Are you a very "handy" person?

Kelly: I had been renting a board occasionally and really wanted to get into it but didn't have the money to invest. When I told my friend that I was interested in it he so graciously offered to walk me through the process and do it on my own to dramatically cut the cost. I don't really have experience working with my hands (other than a lot of sewing) but just love trying and learning new things. Gary has years and years of experience with woodworking, boats, boards, you name it- so I was lucky to have someone with so much experience guide me step by step and teach me the "whys" along the way.

Photo: Using hand tools to "get the feel of it". Where did you get the blank and equipment to start your project?

Kelly: Gary got the blank and we used all of the tools at his shop. Couldn't have done it without him.

Photo: A little hand sanding, a little more hand sanding, and a little more hand sanding... How did you decide what the outline and dimensions of your board?

Kelly: Gary asked me different questions about my preferences such as- "do you want to cruise on it more or surf it? What size board were you renting before and how did that feel? Do you want it to be more stable or more challenging?" Based on my answers and his experience, we drew the outline of the board (10 feet). When it came time to sand and shape the rails and use the planer on the bottom and deck- we did it more by sight. We probably could have put a little more rocker in it….

Photo: Chewing through the foam at a ridiculous rate- that planer looks hungry! What was the most difficult part of the project? Which part would you not care to repeat?

Kelly: The hardest part was using the planer!! And being careful with the sanding. He was having me do everything with "manual" tools so I could get a feel for it. I wanted to use the electric sander because it was faster and easier. Turns out- if you don't know what you are doing it is also faster and easier to mess up and sand too far down. Soooo, my hand sanding skills improved dramatically. There wasn't anything I wouldn't want to do again….I'd just want to do it better! Which step did you have the most fun with?

Kelly: All of them! But I think the most exciting was actually one of the first steps of cutting and sanding the blank and seeing it go from this huge square 12 foot block to the shape of a board.

Check back tomorrow for more of the Kelly's project- Khama takes shape!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

WildCoast Dempsey Holder Contest: SUP Video Clip!

WildCoast's annual community surf event, The Dempsey Holder Ocean Festival, went off today in small surf on the south side of the Imperial Beach pier. The event is the region's best organized surf contest, providing a fun community surf competition for surfers of all ages. WildCoast is to be commended for the event which was fast paced, well organized and perfectly executed. Thanks WildCoast for another excellent event!

Camera Grom is back in the mix! Here's the Grom's contest cut, hot out of the editing room:

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Stand Up Paddle Contest Results:

1st Place Mike Gillard
2nd Place Kelly Kraus
3rd Place John Ashley

Check Back: I've got a killer line up of good stuff coming up in the next few days. Here's a little sample:

Why not just build one? Ever wonder what it takes to shape and build your own stand up board? Reader Kelly walks us through her journey- we've got the interview and the photos.

New Product! FCS has got the SUP travel bag that you'll want- check back for a full report.

And: Johnson Big Stick paddles- wait 'til you see the new colored blades...SICK! Built to order, made to last!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stamps 9'4" Video Clip: Big Boy/Small Board- Fun Times!

Here's a little clip of the new board- super fun and fast! If you're a bigger guy wanting to get on a smaller stand up paddle board you can use this for reference. You'll need to get the balance issues that come with a smaller board resolved but the performance upgrades are worth it.

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I'm stoked on how this new stand up paddle board is working out so far. I've had it out a couple of times in fun, open faced waves with some juice. This board works best when there's some push out there- in this clip the waves were fast but small- not optimal for the board but the board handled it pretty well. I can honestly say that I've got some catching up to do as far as performance goes. In this case I'm definitely not limited by my equipment!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Surf, Eat, Surf, Eat

It's 8pm and I'm completely DONE. Here's what my brother and I surfed today. Two sessions. A three hour morning session followed up with an two hour river mouth carve-fest. Here's some of what we were riding:

Photo: Turn and burn.

Photo: Land of lefts.

Photo: Split peak.

Photo: Here's to tomorrow!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stu Kenson Paddle Boards: Kiwi's Zapper 9'6" x 28" x 4"

Here's a hot one. An ultra-light weight, pulled nose, zapper tail, fresh from the mind of Stu Kenson and directly into the hands of Imperial Beach's very own Kiwi.

Vacuum bag lamination, quad fin, double bump, swallow tail, double barrel through the fins, concave deck, sprayed out with automotive paint and finished with the clear coat that they put over baseball bats. If you know Stu Kenson then the you'll agree that the descriptor, "mad scientist of surf board construction" isn't too off the mark. Undoubtedly, his boards are pushing the envelope as far as construction and design are concerned, check this latest one out:

I can attest to the thing's speed since I almost had the front end lodged in my hindquarters. I thought I had enough open space to poach a wave off the guy. Bad decision. In a flash, Kiwi was up on me- built in speed, kind of the trade mark of the quad fin.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surf Trip Report: Puerto Vallarta Part III

Part III of Tim's Puerto Vallarta Stand Up Paddle Surf Trip:

PaddleSurf: How did you find a boat to take you there? How much did it cost and how long of a ride was it?

Tim: We got our boat at the village of Punta Mita. There are several surf shops on the main street along the water. Several people came up to us when we got there asking us if we wanted to rent a boat. During the off season it seems they are hurting for business and there was no problem getting the boat. We were charged $80.00 (split 4 ways) for the boat. We were on the water about 4 ½ hours. The trip from the launch site to the Cove where we surfed takes about 15 minutes. You pass El Farro (that wasn’t breaking). If you headed the other way you it would take about 10 minutes to get to the reef break called La Launcha. The hotel is about a 10 minute taxi ride from Punta Mita…The cost of the taxi was $20.00 round trip…(split 4 ways)

PaddleSurf: If you were going down with just the boys to surf your brains out how would you do it differently?

Tim: Its hard to say since we hit it so good. Just a couple of things to keep in mind if your going there for a surf trip. First, go off season…the rates we paid are less than ½ of what my daughter and her husband are paying in January. Also, Burros only breaks on a south swell so you need to be there from late spring to early fall when you have the best chance of having those southern hemi storms working for you. (on my prior trips to the area we went fairly early spring and did not catch nearly as good a swell).

PaddleSurf: Where did you rent the board from? Do they plan on increasing their selection and inventory of SUBs? Why did they have that board there?

Tim: I found the board on the internet and rented it from the Coral Reef Surf Shop. The shop is on the road from the airport to the hotel and is owned by David Sinclair. He was great to work with! The board I rented was a new Joe Blair….a 9’10” quad. It came with a new Werner paddle. The cost was $175.00 for the week and they DELIVERED THE BOARD TO THE HOTEL the day I arrived and then picked it up the day I left! It was great equipment, great service and I still have a hard time believing I was lucky enough to score that deal!! I’ve e-mailed David since I got back and he indicated that he will soon be receiving a few more SUP’s with the goal that he would be the main rental guy down there…I hope that works out since I plan on going back next year!!

PaddleSurf: Any funny stories or interesting happenings?

Tim: Funny stories…well let me just say that there were a couple of Canadian charter groups at the hotel…and those folks were fully committed to having a good time!!

PaddleSurf: Did you eat the worm?

Tim: No, but at may age I felt a few times like the worm ate me!!

Thanks Tim for an excellent summary of a Puerto Vallarta paddle trip. I know I'm going to log that one for future reference. You've got the info now get out there and get some!

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Stand Up Paddle Surf Trip Report: Puerto Vallarta Part II

Part II: Still cruising in Puerto Vallarta.

PaddleSurf: What kind of waves were you surfing? Were they rocky, reef or sand bottom? Were there urchins? Any spines in your feet?

Tim: It’s a rock reef break. There is a sandy beach in front of the hotel that provides easy access to the break. On my prior trips we surfed the points near Punta Mita…some of them are a lot more rocky and there were lots of urchins. I didn’t see any urchins this trip but I would definitely recommend reef booties. I used Vibrams this time and they worked great!!

PaddleSurf: What kind of wave is Punta Mita? Soft, fast, sectiony or not a drop of water out of place? If you were to rank it on a scale level where would you put it?

Tim: There are a number of different breaks in the Punta Mita area. Burros was a pretty fat wave with lots of face to work with. Lots of fun!! I have also surfed the big point El Farro…but never caught it really happening…I understand its world class when its breaking. Other really good breaks include the Cove, (I sent pictures) La Launcha and Mystos (an offshore reef that breaks when it gets big). As you go north around the point you hit Sayulita…a quaint Mexican village with a right hand point right in the middle of town…also lots of good restaurants and shopping if you’re with your lady.

PaddleSurf: Were there other surfers out when you surfed? How did they feel about you paddling out on the stand up board?

Tim: The crowd at the Palladium was nominal….maybe 2-6 people max in the water other than me and my friends. Mind you we were there off season so that could change at other times during the year. Most of the breaks around the point are only accessible by boat. When we surfed the Cove this trip we were the only ones in the water.

Check Back for Puerto Vallarta Part III and a whole slew of equipment reports!

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Stand Up Paddle Surf Travel Report: Puerto Vallarta Part I.

Life is all about inside moves. The little pieces of local knowledge that can change your reality from blah to bitchen. It's the difference between a Double Double (a damn fine burger at In'n'Out) and a Double Double Animal-style (not on the menu and pretty much the apex burger in the fast food jungle), it's La Super Rica against that Taco Bell up the street, it's free surf wax versus chump wax at five dollars a bar (not an exageration- overheard a shop gouging an Arizona tourist just this weekend).

This is especially true with surf travel
and it can make or break a surf trip. Would you rather surf three hours everyday or three hours in a whole week? Go to Tahiti and surf a junky beachbreak or paddle across a lagoon and get spat out of poured glass tubes? It's your choice. All it takes is a little preparation and research. This is especially true if you plan on lugging around a big ol' stand up paddle board, a wife (did I say lug? I was refering to the board.) and maybe a few grom-lings. If you know where to go, the right place to stay and how to get to the spots you'll surf your brains out, keep the family happy and spend the rest of the year wasting valuable work time dreaming about getting back down there.

This is's first installment of what I hope will be a regular series of surf travel articles centered on insider knowledge. I'll call them the Stand Up Paddle Surf Travel Reports or SUPSTRs for short. Read, learn and go. Let me know if you metamorphose from cheeseball to champ. Good Luck and keep us posted!

Puerto Vallarta: Easy Living Part I

Reader Tim
was a great sport and patiently answered every one of the questions that I sent to him about his recent Puerto Vallarta trip. Obviously the guy's got it dialed- if you were looking for the inside scoop on a Vallarta run, he's really done a great job of laying it out for all of us. And the best thing was that he was happy to share. Needless to say, we're all going to owe the man at least one cold Pacifico.
How did you know there was surf down near Puerto Vallarta? Had you surfed there before?

Tim: I’ve been taking several surf trips a year for the last 20 years. I went to Puerto Vallarta for the first of two trips back around 2000. Each trip we slept in the village of Punta Mita but ate and surfed all day on the “Yacht” Sylvester, a boat you could charter for the week. Captain Richard, who owned the boat has since died. Before going to PV we had done a number of trips to Z-wat and had stayed at the bungalows at the point at Saladitas (I was stoked to hear you had a great trip there!!). Looking for something new we decided to explore Puerto Vallarta.

PaddleSurf: Where did you stay and why did you decide to stay there?

This trip we stayed at the Palladium. A couple of reasons for the choice…first, I’ve had a number of friends stay there over the years and had heard good things about it….then my brother took his family there this past spring and scored some really good surf. I was looking for an EASY, USER FRIENDLY trip and wanted to do a trip with my brother so this seemed like a good choice…

PaddleSurf: Do you think this would be a good place to go with family or girl friend while you were surfing like a fiend? Are there other things for them to do?

Tim: Absolutely…In fact my daughter is getting married in January and after seeing the pictures and checking the place out on the internet she’s going there for her honeymoon…It’s a great place to take wives…or families( lot’s of kid stuff available) and lots of other things to see and do in the area.

PaddleSurf: What would a normal "surf day" be like?

Tim: We had an interesting weather pattern…Initially I thought I would have to get up early and catch it before the wind would come onshore, late morning. Instead, the wind seemed to die out each day and the best surf time seemed to be between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This made things real casual, you could sleep in a little and basically surf when you wanted to. There are at least 5 different restaurants on premises and since it was an all inclusive resort you can find somewhere to eat any time you wanted. It was pretty amazing…almost decadent!! But then again, somebody has to do it!!

Photo above: Somebody's got to do it alright- here's Tim evidently getting it done somewhere warm and fun.

PaddleSurf: What was the surf break like directly out in front of your place?

Tim: One of the great things that makes the Palladium appealing is the break right on the hotel property, it's called Burros. It’s a sweeping right reef break with a shorter punchy left. Its not world class but it’s a really fun wave- uncrowded and right at your doorstep. They even have beach boys who will check your board into a locker area so you don’t have to carry it back and forth from your room. The wave seemed to break through all tides so while I was there you could surf from dawn until about 2:00 everyday. After 2:00 the wind would get on it. If you’re an old guy like me..a good 3 hour session does me fine!! (Editor's note: We're not buying the "old guy" bit Tim!)

Check Back for Part II of the Stand Up Paddle Surf Report.

Also: Sacred Craft Surf Board Show Photos, new Stu Kenson 9'6" Zapper, Methane Paddle Review (yup, I got one) and more! Yee haw!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mainland Mexico Again: The Points of Vallarta!

If it takes a boat to get to a surf spot- it's usually going to be good.

It was super cool of Tim from the Stand Up Zone to send me some photos from his last trip down to Puerto Vallarta. I love the submitted photos.It's like Christmas when I check my email account ( and find goodies from you guys out there. I especially like the homegrown shots- the, "This is a shot of my local break" snapshots that show us your wave in its best or baddest moods. Trip photos, paddles down the river, across the bay or bass fishin' in some farmer's pond- it's all good to me!

I'm hoping that Tim will fill out the lengthy questionaire that I sent him about his trip down Vallarta-way. I wouldn't mind getting the full scoop on what it took to crack that areas stand up paddle nut- and I'm betting that you'd be interested too! How's that for pressure my man?

Photo above: Setting up for a nice bottom turn at a point populated with friends.... sweet!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Talk to the hands behind the planers: Sacred Craft Surf Expo Oct. 11 and 12 Del Mar Ca.

Here's your chance to talk to the minds behind the shapes. The Sacred Craft Surf Expo is happening this weekend, October 11th and 12th here in San Diego, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Last year the show was packed. Imagine being stuffed elbows to ears into a sweaty shoebox filled with rabid board-o-philes all trying to get a look at the "shaper in a glass box" demonstration. This year the hall is more than twice as large and it sounding like the thing is going to go off.
The Sacred Craft Expo is nothing like an industry trade show. This show strikes way more to the soul of our sport. The feature here isn't the new emo-inspired surf trunk line (think saggy black lycra biker shorts- coming to a shorebreak near you!) it's all about the surfboard and the people who build them. Boards, shapers, fin templates and the relative merits of the thumb tail versus the squash tail- if this is the kind of stuff you're into than this is where you should be this weekend. At the very least, there's some excellent people watching to be done.

I scanned the list of exhibitors and there's a pretty healthy stand up paddle contingent including: Channel Islands Surfboards (yep, big Al is a huge fan), Ron House, Tim Stamps, Dave Daum, Angulo, Stu Kenson, Robert August (Wingnut model SUB), Hobie and Walden Surfboards.

You can bet that they'll all be featuring their latest progressions into the world of stand up surfing- this is when the hot new boards come out. What's cool is that we're seeing more shapers jumping into the game. There's board offerings from labels I've never even heard of- I'm all for it. The more minds we put to this game the better the shapes become- and if any of you need a test pilot...

Stand up paddle surf lessons are still available and the fall is the time to hop on it! We've had beautiful paddling weather the last couple of days and the water is still warm down here in sunny San Diego- if you've been thinking that this might be for you, don't hesitate! Call us now and let's get your private stand up lesson going! We've put tons of people on stand up boards; we're certain you're going to be a stand up paddling champ! Give us a call 619.213.6622 or email