Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SUP Smorgas-Board: Santa Barbara Stand Up Shop Opening Soon!

Blueline Paddle Surf will be officially open for business October 5th. Jim Brewer, one of the guys behind Blueline, has been feeding me savory little morsels about the shop. Check out this photo, from the looks of it, they'll be stocking SUPs to suit the palates of discriminating paddlers everywhere. And here's the best part- this menu is outdated! Jim tells me that the shop's cupboards are even more stocked now than a week ago. If you feel a need to bury your head in a true stand up paddle feedbag, head on over to Santa Barbara and belly up to the bar. The Blueline smorgas-board is about to begin!

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Unknown said...

I really think I want one! PS - I think you should look at how Santa Barbara is spelt in your blog title :)

John Ashley said...

Thanks Kylie- I pulled a Chad on that it's fixed now!

Tell Chad to go get one for you!

Talk soon.