Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stamps 9'4" Video Clip: Big Boy/Small Board- Fun Times!

Here's a little clip of the new board- super fun and fast! If you're a bigger guy wanting to get on a smaller stand up paddle board you can use this for reference. You'll need to get the balance issues that come with a smaller board resolved but the performance upgrades are worth it.

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I'm stoked on how this new stand up paddle board is working out so far. I've had it out a couple of times in fun, open faced waves with some juice. This board works best when there's some push out there- in this clip the waves were fast but small- not optimal for the board but the board handled it pretty well. I can honestly say that I've got some catching up to do as far as performance goes. In this case I'm definitely not limited by my equipment!

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Anonymous said...

aw man wait until you see what happened to my board and my face tonight at the banquet it's like something out of a nightmare...