Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stu Kenson Paddle Boards: Kiwi's Zapper 9'6" x 28" x 4"

Here's a hot one. An ultra-light weight, pulled nose, zapper tail, fresh from the mind of Stu Kenson and directly into the hands of Imperial Beach's very own Kiwi.

Vacuum bag lamination, quad fin, double bump, swallow tail, double barrel through the fins, concave deck, sprayed out with automotive paint and finished with the clear coat that they put over baseball bats. If you know Stu Kenson then the you'll agree that the descriptor, "mad scientist of surf board construction" isn't too off the mark. Undoubtedly, his boards are pushing the envelope as far as construction and design are concerned, check this latest one out:

I can attest to the thing's speed since I almost had the front end lodged in my hindquarters. I thought I had enough open space to poach a wave off the guy. Bad decision. In a flash, Kiwi was up on me- built in speed, kind of the trade mark of the quad fin.

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what a nice board.captneg9