Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A couple things to dream about...

These will get you thinking:

A lonely Baja point break, unnamed (by me at least) with only one guy on it. That's Tim Hatler, owner of Palapas Ventana surfing to a crowd of none at a spot somewhere within a hundred miles of his home. We're doing the research now and we hope to offer all inclusive stand up paddle surf trips down to Tim's place. No gear hassles in the airport- just get on the plane. We'll provide boards, paddles, tacos and tequila. Check back for info!

The story here is that this wave reels off for two hundred more yards. And the question you have to ask yourself is this: Knowing that you're going to ride this thing 'til your legs feel like oatmeal, and knowing that you're going to crank more turns on this one wave than you'll push around in a year back home- the real question is... do you have the balls to pull in right off the top? Are you steely enough to set that rail, get low and suck yourself up into that hole? Or do you play it safe and dodge the barrel? Do you got the guts? Well do you, punk?

Now there is more to tell about the spot featured here (and in the photo above). And, evidently, a lot more to see too. Here's the man with the secrets- and the photos- and if we put enough pressure on him he might just give it up. At least we're all hoping he will!

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