Saturday, October 25, 2008

FCS SUP Travel Bag: Best on the Market- Video/Photos

Alexis warned me: "'re going to be like a kid in a candy store". Two hours later, there I was, eyes bugged out of my head, wiping the drool off my chin in the FCS warehouse. The place was packed full of surf-hardware. Quality stuff- things not yet released. Items with full-on stand up paddle applications; hot fin templates, heavy duty leashes (I'm testing a couple from the new line- I'll get back to you if and when I finally snap 'em) and the coolest stand up travel bags I've seen:

FCS hit a home run with this bag. It's thickly padded, has a clean fit and features a padded paddle bag that attaches inside the board bag. Obviously, these guys know their business, the bag is well conceived with hardcore travel in mind. Someone at FCS must ride and travel with a stand up board- the details speak for themselves!

I've got two major Baja runs and a fourteen day trip to mainland Mexico on the books- this is the bag I'll be using. Here it is zipped closed....

...with two boards in it! I've got an 8'0 stuck in there too just to show that with the fins removed from the stand up, it wouldn't be a stretch to stick a back up, regular surfboard in there too- I know I will!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man:

I am seriously interested in finding out more about the heavy duty leashes.

I am still breaking them chronically right at the glue joint between the cord and end terminal....really sucks and appears to be to be related simply from being overloaded for its intended purpose.

John Ashley said...

Yep- I know what you mean. Just not made strong enough. These new FCS leashes though seem pretty good- I won't pass judgement until I've used it in some heavier surf for a longer time. But so far- they've worked well.

Unknown said...

Hey man, where can I buy the fcs bag you have? Online on internet?

Brgds Magnus

Anonymous said...

Creatures of Leisure make a great leash for SUP called the Outereef. 10' and 12'. I use the 10' leash on my 10'10" Walden in up to 6 foot surf and it hasn't let me down. It has the DNA mould which is great you guys should check that out.

Srfnff said...

Great vid John. Super informative.