Sunday, October 26, 2008

There will always be room for stand up paddlers.

Look around, paddle down the beach or out to a distant reef, no need to stand up paddle Malibu or Rincon or any "name spot". There'll always be room for stand up paddlers- even if we will have to wear WaterWings to surf them legally. No crowds in the video, just a bunch of us bouncing around in the fog (and not a life jacket in site!):

Thanks for the video Camera Grom!


Anonymous said...

A perfect example of the kind of surf a SUPer can have fun in all day where the shortboarders just wont be.

Props to Fuzz Nugget.....gettin better and better! Luvin the tunes with this vid.

We just got our first real winter swell and I am feeling particularly lucky to be a surfer (SUPer, whatever).

Only a surfer knows the feeling!

Anonymous said...

hey john,

Where is that??! I'm a goofy foot too.


Anonymous said...

who's the guy surfing like "occy" on the green and yellow board....

John Ashley said...

Hey W.Waterman!

Yep- you've got it exactly right... a nice spot for SUP on that particular tide. There were a couple of prone guys out but it was really high tide and tough for them to snag 'em.

Hey send me some photos of your spot and I'll throw them up onto

And, yes, where would we be if we didn't surf????

John Ashley said...

Hi Olivier!

Would love to paddle you around out there- talk to the boys at the shop they know how to reach me!

Goofy footers UNITE!

John Ashley said...

Stamps.... are you sure we're looking at the same video???

Thanks for the GREAT board!!!

Unknown said...

wow...I'm guessing everyone saw the Orca feeding just after one minute? Great SUPB video, but that shot was priceless!

John Ashley said...

hey Cadillac-

That was me paddling by when that happened.

Not an Orca though- there were a bunch of dolphin goofing around right outside of me. Looked like they were playing tag or something, they were also standing on the heads with their tails out... weird.

Then they took off after each other and were jumping around - this big dolphin was chasing a little one and grabbing at it by the tail- that was like the third time they hopped out. Crazy!