Friday, April 10, 2009

More Surf Photos!

I warned you! We've got photo archives that are bursting at the seams- and we'll be posting up the best. If you're more into paddling through tide pools better tune out for the next few days!

First, a birthday wish from Matt Miller: "Happy Birthday Melissa Miller! Your husband is so awesome and got you guys stand up paddle lessons for your birthday. Get ready to paddle!"

We even got the Go Pro in on the fun. Check out the cool whitewater "tail" following me around the shoulder on this cutback- wrap that sucker!

Spork got out and snagged a few. Here's the man behind the fork-nose myth streaking on a right- go Spork! Photo: JWall

The light offshores
held up the faces and set up some fast little zipper sections. Not much to do in those situations except tuck and run. Photo: JWall

Paddle surf lessons in sunny San Diego! Give me a call 619.213.6622 or email come learn the Ashley-method of stand up paddling. Want more information? Click here!

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just missing green olives and the vodka,spork a dork,capt.neg,9