Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm not a big Jimmy Buffet fan but...(stand up paddle related- believe me)!

I'm starting to admire the guy more and more. Not necessarily for his music (Margaritaville is cool the others are too kitschy/cheesy for me- and I think the Crater Boys versions of Changes in Latitude is way better than the original) but for the guys toys. This dude has got it figured out.

We're talking 4x4 powered, custom built Sportmobile vans that run on vegetable oil, amphibious planes, a couple of Stewart Longboards and.... a quiver of stand up boards and a rack of Kialoa blades. Yes sir, it seems that Mr. Buffet has learned about the joys of the stand up board. Radical- this guy rules... I'd surf with him any day!

Click here and check out what he's got going on.

Did I mention that the surf was good these last few days? Spork applying the paddle in a nice, fast little section- Spork-style. Photo: JWall

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