Friday, April 3, 2009

New Stuff: 8'6" STAMPS Viking...and a Carbon Stock Class Racer

Can you feel it? Summer's right around the corner! The days are getting longer... the water's warmed up a bit- and there's even been some south swells! You know what that means right? Time to order up a fresh board.

Nothing keeps you motivated
like waiting for a freshy. And nothing keeps you progressing like stepping on a new shape. If your surfing is feeling stale, blow it up by switching it up. Get yourself to a boardsmithand sit down for a chat. Talk about where you're at and where you want to go and then just let the magic begin! Shoot... I think I just convinced myself!

Check out these new ones made by Tim Stamps:

That's an 8'6" on the left and a 10'0 on the right. Both are Viking model stand up boards. Clean, fast and loose- these are boards meant to be driven, not cruised. These are step-up boards- if you're still working on balancing and like your boards nice and stable, heavy and predictable- these are not for you. Everything about the Viking is high performance- search out some Future Fins 3/2/1s for the sides (preferably in G10) and you've got a board that's a blur. Go rip cutbacks and lippers- this is the one that'll take you there.

Here's a new Stock Class (12'6") racer for the California series races. Carbon fiber bottom for stiffness, foot wells, some other stuff I'm not at liberty to divulge. Rad.

More of a hull than a "board", don't you think?

Are you convinced yet?
Take that tax return and go stimulate the economy. Saving is for wussies... be a good American and go spend some money!

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Anonymous said...

Cool John!

May I ask...what is the width and thickness of the 8'6"?



P.S. Still waiting for you to show up here at The Shores. :)

Anonymous said...

Is the yellow and white school bus and yellow and white
boards some kind of art thing?

John Ashley said...

Hi Gail-

Watch out! I'm on Spring Break and I've got weekdays free... and... I KNOW WHERE YOU SURF!!!!

I'll get those dimensions on that 8'6" soon!

John Ashley said...

Ha! I just went back and noticed that- funny. I don't know, seems like ART to me- I'll just say that looking at new Vikings- MOVES ME.... to want something new myself- so, yes, it must be ART.