Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All time: South swell rolls through town, surf FIRES!

Three days of really fun surf with the second day being labelled as "all time" by Spiderman. I believe him- it was really, really fun:

Jeff Wallis (a.k.a JWall) was rattling off six frames a second with his new Canon 50D body and gave me what he calls "teasers" on a thumb drive...dude you're killing me. Here's Spiderman at the tail end of a pier to hotel run on the day that made our beach look like a left point break.

There were rights occasionally firing off into the hole- if you could run 'em down you scored. Photo: JWall

Are you effing kidding me!!!
Yep, this is what it was doing from sun up 'til noon and this wasn't even the best peak on the beach. Photo: JWall

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1 comment:

Chad said...

You're killing me. More pictures!! I can't believe I missed the best swell of the year!! EFF!!!