Monday, April 27, 2009

Dreamtime: Get out and get some...

Here's what I like to think about as I fall asleep: Long, roping lefts, peeling off a tropical point. I've got a great board, loose and fast and I'm flying off the bottom and snapping off the top over and over again. The wave's so long that I can pump through fast sections, maching out onto the shoulder where I throw it over and grease a fat cutback back into the foamball. You take the white water bounce and wait for the inside section to form, the wall swings out in front of you as you pull up into the little inside speed run section. Must be a dream, right?

Photo: Board caddy, local style. Someday I'll have one just like it!

Wrong. And the best thing about it is it's about to happen to me. Last year I flew down to mainland Mexico to stand up paddle some of the big left hand points in that region. As soon as I got back, I emailed the casita I'd stayed at and booked the place again; it was that good. Without even telling anybody, I wired my deposit for fourteen more days of hardcore stand up paddling. Airline tickets have been bought (Alaska airlines... always Alaska airlines) and there's now an all-time cast of friends and characters signed on to fill it out. This one's going to be epic!

Want to feel like a kid again? Get off your ass and book a surf trip. Do your research and dial it in so that you're footsteps from solid waves. Ask around and get the scoop, figure it out so that there are cold beers and a fat hammock a couple of feet away. It's not that difficult. Set it up and start dreaming.

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