Thursday, April 23, 2009

Check this one out: Stamps Grim Ripper 7'11 x 29" x 4"

Blame this one on the Luke Egan clip. There's nothing like some hot ripping to reset and refresh your mind. For this one, Tim took a look back at the 8'0" SUP he shaped a year and a half ago. The board was named Salma (after the curvacious actress Salma Hayek), Salma's curves got transcribed onto a hot short board outline and the result is the Grim Ripper. Take a look at the latest SUP to come out of the Stamps factory:

I'm feeling it with this board- the proportions just look right. The width in the nose and the gut leads me to believe that this one (like the Viking model) will have the inherent stability that makes Stamps' SUP short boards so user friendly.

Check out the short board in the background- that's the Flare model (Tim's personal 5'6" daily driver) that Tim used as the template for the G/r.

Nose view. Most of Tim's short boards are quads, this new SUP model will also feature four fins. Supposedly, the Futures guys have got some new quad sets in the works... maybe we'll get a peek at something new on this one.

Here's a great view of the overall shape of the two boards. I'm really blown away by the proportionality of the G.Rip. The board just looks so good! I'm getting myself in line for one of these. The length keeps dancing around in my head but I'm thinking I'll end up somewhere in the 8'6" to 9'0" zone (the number 8'8" keeps sticking in my head for some reason). Only time will tell- until then, I'll keep you posted!

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Gail said...


Gail :)

John Ashley said...

I agree! I'm seeing one of these in my future!!!

Unknown said...

I've got the 8'0" Tim shaped last year. It's great; loads of fun in the beach break up here in Venice. Works well both as a tri-fin and as a quad. I have to confess, though, that I've been wondering what a pulled-in nose and a little less volume would feel like.

John Ashley said...

So you're the one who bought Salma!

That's a fun little board- you're stoked.

I may be fighting you in line for one of these new shapes- they look so fun!