Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Powered Up: Another Future Fin in the mix

There's going to be plenty of options in stand up equipment this summer, fins, paddles, boards it's coming. Here's yet another foil designed specifically for stand up paddling- again from the folks at Future fins. One thing's for certain, the R&D department at Futures never sleeps and there seems to be a fixation with "getting it right"- cheers to that. I'm stoked to see even more SUP specific equipment come on the market. Check this one out:

This one
came in stealth mode- no Futures logo on it, only this written across the bottom.

Side by side, you can see the similarities in template between the first 8.5 inch fin (left) and the 7.5 Thruster (right). The leading edge is just as thick, making the fin relatively stiff.

The fin has a much sleeker template than the others. A minor adjustment was needed after I slipped out coming off the bottom. In this case the fin was too far forward, a quarter inch back in the box and the fin was at its sweet spot.

This is a very nice fin. The thing is beautifully constructed and the it worked well for me the first time out. In the photo above, I'm flying down the line- actually beating that section ahead of me. I'll continue surfing this one for the next few days, more data points are needed to determine its capabilities.

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Chad said...

"...more data points are needed to determine its capabilities."
Spoken like a true science teacher!