Monday, May 31, 2010

Kelly's new custom 9'2 Rusty Stand Up Board

Summer time means new boards. Kelly's got a couple of fresh, custom made Rusty stand ups that are really sweet. Here's the pulled nose 9'2" x 28.5" that he just picked up:

Photo: Fits nicely in the van.

Photo: The pulled nose brother of Kelly's 9'2 nose rider.

Photo: The important stuff...

Photo: Right off the bat Kelly snagged two little right handers-  the board looked fast and loose.

Photo: El Snap!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Steal this one: New Stamps 8'6 Grim Ripper... $800


At $800 for a new, custom shaped board, this is a killer deal- act fast because I know this one's going to be gone soon. Here's the story, Tim shaped out an 8'6 x 30" x 4" Grim Ripper, packed it up to ship to a customer and the board was damaged during shipping. One ding. Being the good guy that he is, Tim took the board back and has since had the ding professionally repaired. The board is now water tight and ready to rip turn in el stylo de Luke Egan! This thing is sick! I've seen it first hand and if I was in the 160 - 210lb range I'd be on this deal. Heck, if one of you guys doesn't pick it up too soon I might have to work out some kind of agreement... so save me the hassle of trying to explain why I'm coming home with two new boards and buy this thing before I do something stupid. Check it out:

Photo: New, never been paddled. $800. Do it pull the trigger. This is a sweet, forgiving small board shape- a 30" width is a nice forgiving number if you're just jumping down to smaller boards.

Photo: Five fin boxes, go quad on Monday and thruster on Tuesday... or run all five and get weird. Choices. Future Fin set up.... lots of fin options out there.

Photo: Ding repair. Water tight and ready to rock.

Contact Tim at:

$800 what are you waiting for?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Javi Hitting it on his Gerry Lopez SUP

Another cool little sequence from JWall ( Sometimes you see a little foam ball that needs to be swatted. Here's Javi taking a swing:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

8'3" Stand-O: Plus-One San Diego

Stukey (pronounced: Stew-Key) is no chump. The guy knows surfboards, he's been surfing practically his whole life and he rips. Stand-o or crawler he knows how to make work 'em.  Importantly, he also why they work- which is cool for me because I'm always up to learn something new. When I got word that he was hunting me down, frothing about something crazy-new from his friends up at Plus-One I knew it'd be worth taking a look.

This one is a little too small for me but it's pretty damn interesting nonetheless. Stukey saw it and basically ran out the door with it, promising to get it back tomorrow- the shapers haven't even ridden it yet. His first impressions are positive- ridiculous speed and good old, back footed, chainsaw carving (thank you thruster set up). Check it out: 

Photo: Stukey and the machine... light, low volume and ready to fly.

Photo: A clean, sweet outline. A little width in the nose and a round tail.... anybody think this might be suited to an open-faced, full, reef type wave... breaking in front of cliffs... hmmm.

Photo: This board is all about the bottom effects. Curve in the rail line but flat across the stringer. Carve and speed... but what's the trick of getting point A to point B? Check out the dished out bottom.

Photo: Well part of the answer might be carving out a substantial single concave from the front of fins to just about the nose.... flatten the area along the stringer but keep the curve in the rail... hmmm.

Photo: Like I said, Stukey's no chump- he rides all kinds of stuff. For comparison, look at this little board. He calls it "The Molar", the thing is only about 4'6"- and it's not a novelty; he rips that thing. 

Photo: The Molar and the Stukey... working it.

Thanks to Stukey for letting me check it out and to the guys at Plus-One for okaying the photos. I'm interested to hear more about how this board goes- the thing looks cool.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

7'11 Stamps Stand-O: Nelz hookin' one down in the 'hood.

Always stoked to hear from my photog buddy, JWall. This time he had a bunch of land shots of a pretty good day of surf. The stand-os were on it- surfing the Zipper, snagging lefts and rights.

Check out Nelz on the 7'11 Stamps Grim Ripper. He's been test driving this one for the past week or so... Nelz runs it as a quad with an interesting fin set up. The thing looks pretty fast, lots of width in the guts and tail for that one:

Photo: Setting up the bottom turn... waiting, waiting...

Photo: And hammering down on it.... so fun to hold off on that turn and watch the wave start to develop.

Photo: Got to bleed off speed somewhere.

Photo: And how about a little foam rebound for good measure?

Check back for some killer photos of Javi and Pinky.... attack of the stand-o! All photos courtesy of Jeff Wallis, check out his stuff at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weirdest Racing Board Ever: A couple more shots from the Stand-o Roundup

Here's a couple more photos of that strange new race board design that I posted up a couple of days ago. I'm not a racer so I don't know how it goes... designers are named in the last photo. Good luck:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Water Shots:

Here's a couple of killer snaps Manny grabbed at Shores this weekend with Nelz out and on it. Of course, I blew it by not getting on the road and hunting it down. Check em:

Photo: Definitely a little chunky out there.

Photo: I can only imagine what the paddle out was like...

Photo: Cool lighting peeking through the clouds...

Photo: Yeah, Nelz!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Round Up: Event Photos... some Boards

Stand Up Paddle Round Up: Never mind that there was a gale warning posted by NOAA and that it looked like it might rain at any moment- the event still brought out a healthy crowd of curious and eager participants. Here's some photos of a few of the boards... next time: race boards and race photos.

Photo: I got there at 8am and it was blowing hard. We're talking sand blowing freely across the beach and tents tilted to avoid going airborne.

Photo: Naw Skwell... I think this is a Euro brand- some wide and fat boards and a slick race board.

Photo: The Israeli life boat guy... looking a little out of place... but not too much. We're a pretty open-minded bunch.

Photo: Here a Mickey Munoz stand-o that I think is being cloned and popped out by Surftech. That thing had nice lines, looks like a fun board for a bigger day.

Photo: Kristy-the-nosewalker was there with the Chanin surfboard crew- that's the yellow stand-o that she was riding in that video I shot a couple of days ago. See that board in action here.

Photo: Interesting bottom contours on that 9'0.

Photo: There were lots of opportunities for free paddling and even some stand-o instruction by veteran paddlers... all free- what a deal!

Photo: Kiwi grabbed one of the McPhillips boys' mini-stand-o boards. Papa McPhillips had them made for Christmas and here they are today... I want to prone surf one crawler style.

Photo: Next post will feature some of the race boards and racers at the Round Up... this one is what Chris Koerner is paddling. This Nah Skwell racers features headers.... see them?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Surfing: Water Shots... J.Wall and his Del Mar Housing Project rig

Local photog J-wall is all fired up on his new Del Mar Housing Projects housing. So much so that he's been out swimming around, risking his life snapping hackers like Pinky, Kristy and me... check out what he's got:

Photo: Pinky, coming through the sticks.

Photo: Kristy was out killing it this day- did you check the video?

Photo: Off the bottom...

Photo: Off the top...

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Lessons: We've been getting some stoked people out and paddling... you should be next! If you're ready to learn how to stand up paddle surf, check out my stand up paddle surf lessons page and learn about me, the lesson and how to be a part of the fun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Noseriding Video: This girl is WAY smoother than you!

Kristy Murphy killing it! This is why I've got a 10'6 coming for summer... styling!

Click here if you have trouble seeing this video.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quickblade Paddles: The Sweeper

Quickblade's entry level paddle, The Sweeper. Check it out:

I've been cranking on this paddle for the last couple of months, using it in my lessons and passing it around to anybody interested in trying out a sub-120 dollar paddle. It's the best one I've used at that price- and it has a plastic blade.

A plastic blade is a must-have option in a beginner paddle. If you've ever loaned your paddle out to a friend on the beach, you know that a carbon fiber blade in the wrong hands will DESTROY your rails. That's why it's great to have a plastic blade around- less damage to your board. If you're renting boards or teaching lessons, consider this paddle- it's a nice one.

The Sweeper will be available around June 1st and will retail at $119.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tim in the tombstones...

Here's a couple more killer shots from Brian McGovern ( of the Leper navigating some dangerous waters.... definitely some dues to be paid both in skin and dings at that spot. I call this series "Tim in the Tombstones".

Photo: Things start off pretty gnarly... how about that landmine right in front of the Leper?

Photo: There something called, "positive ocular response" which is a fancy phrase for, "if you look at it you will hit it". The Lep's not falling into that trap. Clever boy.

Photo: And just when you thought it was safe to wrap a cutty... up looms the next tombstone. Is this some kind of ding repair guy's nightmare?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Clip: Spam Fried Rice Paddle Fuel

As if you hadn't seen enough:

Like the music?
Be sure to check the box to the right... I've put together my album picks... most of it is music I've used on my vids. Check these out- they're some of my favorites. The spam vid features the Ka'au Crater Boys and the track is "On fire" because the uke playing is en fuego!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Paddle Fuel: Spam Fried Rice... yes, you'll love it.

They all say, "Ewwww, you eat spam". They say that until they eat the fried rice. The fried rice always turns them. Spam Fried Rice: True paddle fuel. Let's do this.

First, you've got to make the rice the night before. Take it from the rice cooker and put it in a zip lock plastic bag. The zip lock bag lets you break it all apart with your fingers so it's not one big rice ball. Like that trick? That one's all me.

Next day you've got a little prep to do because once things get rollin' it's tough to stop and dice something... especially when you're free hand is holding a beer. Cut up the following things just the way I tell you- this is art after all.

Carrots: skin 'em and cut them into match sticks. I don't know maybe two or three carrots worth of orange matchsticks.

Green onions: these guys are my favorite things to slice- they are cut up so cleanly it's just super satisfying to see the perfect little green slices come off the blade. Do a whole rubber banded bunch of these.

Spam: I use the small can, a little goes a long way. You MUST dice the Spam creature into small cubes- this is the secret to good spam fried rice. Take your time, this stuff cuts really nicely.

Got all your little piles lined up and ready to go? While you're getting things together, set out your little bottle of sesame seed oil- a couple of drops of this stuff really makes this thing happen. Also, three or four eggs and a bag of frozen peas- the small "petite" peas and you're only going to use about a third of the bag.

Alright, let's get this thing going. Get a big pan nice and hot with some vegetable oil- add the carrots and spam. Let the carrots get a little brown around the edges and look for a nice little crust on the spam. Keep that pan moving' boy!

Add your green onions and let everything get nice and toasty for another three minutes or so. Now slowly add your rice, a handful (yes, use your hand- you washed it right?) at a time to the pan. Add, stir. Add, stir.

Once you've got all the rice nicely mixed up and frying right along with its brother carrot and sister spam, make a hole in the rice in the middle of the pan. Push it aside until you've exposed the pan. Crack three or four eggs right into that hole and let the eggs start to cook. Use your spatula to scramble them and slowly fold (fancy word for "mix")them into the rice mixture. Fold, and stir. Fold, and stir.

Now turn the heat off. Mix in a third of the bag of frozen peas (the hot rice will thaw them don't worry) and add two or three drops of sesame seed oil to the whole thing. Taste your fried rice. Like it? Maybe it could use a little soy sauce? Go ahead add a little. Maybe a couple more drops of sesame seed oil? No problem.

Invite some friends over and kill that stuff- they'll like it, they always do.