Monday, May 10, 2010

This is insane! Who else wants to do a downwinder now?

Okay- now I'm really blown away! Last night's video was cool, don't get me wrong but this one is just nuts. How killer is this perspective on the glides these guys are getting. Bill Boyum on Maui shot this with is his custom downwinder filming rig- I have to say he's got this filming thing wired for the Maliko Run. Definitely contact him if you're interested in getting filmed. Check it out:

Local San Diego Surf News: Stoked to go to Manny Vargas' showing of his photography this Saturday, May 15th... if you'd like to check it out contact Manny at his website: and send him a note for an invitation... should be some unreal stuff to be seen. I'm excited about it- come on by and say hello.

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