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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spam Fried Rice: Check back for this month's "Paddle Fuel"!

I might just beat this thing before Saturday morning! Be sure to check back this weekend for the next installment of everybody's favorite: Paddle Fuel! This month we're featuring the one thing that can turn any vegetarian. We're going to unveil the secrets of Spam Fried Rice.... yum!


Sheldon said...

grinds! hope I can find some time soon to whip up some fried rice too!

Michael said...

What about the Hawaiian PowerBar?? Spam Musubi??

John Ashley said...

Hey Sheldon- where's the Hilo Style? Don't be holding out on me... and that drum piece you posted on your site mesmerized me for like 15 minutes... unreal.

John Ashley said...

Hey Michael-

Love the rice ball- saw them in every 7-11 on Maui... can't find any around here. Maybe L & L?

Michael said...


They loved them when I lived in Kona, had them at every 7-11 and grocery store! Had to have one before every surf sesh!!!