Monday, December 29, 2008

And it's done: Go Pro Camera Mod Part IV

Here's the finished product. The camera slides right into the mount just as it does with the stick-on mount that is supplied with the kit.

A bonus is the leash plug's proximity to the mount- it makes a great place to attach a little lanyard. I modified a little loop lanyard that had a quick release clip. It's now a simple matter of sliding the camera into the mount and clipping the tether to the camera. Bada Bing!

The camera really is a cool looking little unit. I'm going to pick up some batteries tomorrow and try some test photos to check out the angle and see how much coverage I get with the wide angle lens.

Here's another shot of it on the board. I'm stoked. The mod came out really clean and now I'm set to shoot pictures and video from both the tail and the nose. Check back to see the results!


Anonymous said...


Do you think the leash might wrap arpound the camera and snap it off?

Test said...

I'm waiting for the footage ... it's a very interesting position for the camera.

Hope it works well and the leash doesn't snap it off as John says