Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Turning Nothin' into Somethin'

The Seal Beach crew has got it so wired. They've got their Harbour stand up boards and their sand bars dialed. Here's a quick report from Mitchell De Jarnett:

Photo: Just out for a little stroll.... Mitchell heading north. Photo: Elva De Jarnett

"Here are a few shots from one of those days when SUP turns a nuthin’ day into a blast. Here I'm surfing with friends John Gunnin and Greg Escalante... we just migrated from northside Seal Beach down to the river over a couple hours."

Photo: John Gunnin, picking up what he can.

"We picked up what we could and got surfed out on a day when most surfers were lamenting lack of swell and dirty water."

Photo: Greg Escalante, driving off the bottom. I love that little extra squirt you get when you push off the back foot at just the right moment!

Thanks Mitchell and Elva for the words and photos. Check back for more hot photos of Mitchell and friends!

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