Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here comes a new one: 9'2" x 29" x 4"....SUCH A HOT STICK!

I got a chance to spend an afternoon with Tim Stamps over at his board shop- what a mistake.

Whenever I go over there
I see something that gets me all worked up. This time it was my brother's new 9'2" Viking model stand up; good thing I hid my wallet.

The thing looked so hot it was a battle of will to resist blurting something out like, "Why don't we do another one of those in green?".

Here's some photos of Tim glassing the deck of Mike's board.

I learned a bunch today. It turns out that Tim likes to handle the glassing on the stand ups because he can do something a little extra for the custom boards that come out of his shop.

Tim glasses his stand up boards with an extra long overlap of double 6 ounce glass from the top of the board over the bottom.

What that means is that instead of just getting two layers of glass on the rail, Tim's hand glassed boards get three.

I always wondered why I didn't get open dings on the rails of my boards, I'm sure the triple six on the rail explains it.

This one's going up to Santa Cruz to some lucky guy (you're STOKED Mike!). While I was in the shop I saw three other stand up boards in different stages of completion. A couple of the boards were headed to San Francisco, seems like the word is spreading about these hot shapes!

I shot some video of the process and am going to edit it up before I head south, check back for a peek at how it's done.

Paddle surf lessons in stormy San Diego: Brrrrr, it's getting cold, and there's rumors of rain.... but if you're into, so am I. Let's get out there and learn to paddle surf.... when it warms up a little! Seriously folks: Have a happy holiday season- I'll be back from Cabo San Lucas after New Years Day. Let's make some plans to get out and learn something fun and new in '09. Stand up paddle surf lessons for the young, the young at heart and the just plain crazy! Give me a call 619.213.6622 or email Merry Christmas!


Michael Ashley said...

This is torture!!! I can't wait to get my hands on that thing.

John Ashley said...

Ha, Ha, Ha!