Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Johnson Big Stick Paddles: EJ talks us through a couple new blades from JBS

Just finished editing up this little interview I grabbed with EJ, owner/operator of Johnson Big Stick Paddles. I'm pretty blown away by the quality of the paddles EJ is building. The craftsmanship is, frankly, mind-blowing; the guy really knows how to work with wood.

I'm even more excited to get out and paddle the new blade that EJ sent home with me. Check back for a full review of the entry level JBS blade. Until then, check out this little clip I threw together and please forgive me for all the cliche, surfer talk- when I'm at the beach I revert back to my feral state of intrinsic stoke!

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gjb said...

Great looking paddles. What were the weight of the EJ big sticks. John, Have you used them yet?. Looking forward to seeing a couple of them in action... I like the milti wood lay-ups. Like a few of my 60's classics boards with milti wood stringers. Awesome EJ.. Thanks John.. Mahalo

Anonymous said...

Great video awesome paddles.

John Ashley said...

Hey GJB:

Not sure of the weight- I'll try and get something on it with my bathroom scale. I will say it's lighter than a wooden Kinimaka and heavier than a Whiskey Jack wood paddle. Probably a little heavier than a C4.

It's by no means a heavy club.

I'm going to write up a full report, check back for it!

Thanks for checking it out,


John Ashley said...

Hey Lori!

You forgot one thing: Nice Person!

Don't know if you ever met EJ but he's one of the friendliest, no attitude stand up paddlers on the sand at San-O. If you're in the market for made in the USA, wooden paddles- these are the ones!

Thanks for checking out the blog!