Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sorry about the delay- the FLU (in caps) kicked me in the nuts.

First time in my life that I didn't like the taste of food.

It starts like this: Kid comes into my classroom and hands me a note, "Stephanie had a fever last night, it broke early this morning so I think she's okay for school.". I had a bad feeling about that- next thing I know, I've got blankets stacked over my shivering, sweaty body and fluids are running through me, north to south, like monsoon season Ganges. I tried to eat something the third day in and the food actually tasted bad. Dropped six pounds in a week and haven't been completely right for two weeks. But that was two weeks ago- lately I've been getting my moto prepped for my next adventure: Ghost Towns and Hot Springs of Central Nevada. But that's a whole other story (which I think I'm going to post up on this site- why not?).

The blog has suffered and my Baja story remains unfinished. I promise the last part is coming- soon.


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Get well soon John. There are adventures awaiting.