Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Let's wrap this up.

Was it really a year ago?

Yep. Okay- let's tie up some loose ends. We'll start with the ending to last year's Baja story. Here it is:

The "asshole" is an expat dick who lives at Alejandro's, which is one of the most beautiful little coves in Baja- made a million times better by the super fun right hand waves that peel off it's northern rocky point. The place is sweet, fun waves, great fishing, sand bottom, good camping. You'd think that if you found yourself living there year round, you'd be all smiles and sunshine. Naw, not this dick. He's perpetually grumpy, always trying to be the biggest asshole in the lineup and always winning that competition. Worse of all he's a middle aged pony tail dude,  Senor CockFace has locks like Fabio. Yes, he is a hair farmer. 

We crossed paths- he barked, we laughed. He flipped us off. We laughed.

And our Baja trip was still awesome.

The End.

And now let's get ready for this year's southern ramble.

This spot is my primary objective.
CON KSO is locked and loaded. I've added some upgrades to the old girl. There are many small things but the greatest hits include a custom, always-hot, 12volt circuit into the back of the cab (of course it's fused- come on now),  this will allow us to fully power up our ARB freezer, I added an additional new awning off the back so that the western sun blazing through the camper's back door won't interrupt my noon nap, cold central Baja nights demanded some insulating window shades so we complied (Reflectix- if you don't know about this stuff... google... you'll love it) and finally I added a 4" receiver off the front of CON KSO so that we could carry a moto and have our custom back porch with us. Pics are coming as soon as I've got a second.

This year's going to be an interesting one because the girls are flying back halfway through the trip leaving me to make my own decisions for about twelve days. I've had an itch that's needed to be scratched at a certain hush-hush region and that is high on my Baja to-do list.

We leave in two days. And the itinerary is pretty set- we'll be spending the first night up at elevation before pushing hard for Guerrero Negro. Come along for the ride- this should be a good one.

Pics and words are on your radar- please be vigilant. 

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