Thursday, December 17, 2015

Baja Ready.

Full fuel tank. Full propane, PowerTank, water. Tires at 80psi, airbags up to 70psi. ARB freezer powered up, camera batteries charged. A couple thousand bucks changed into pesos, PB&J, coffee, granola, surf wax (warm water), five sets of fins.

The new moto mount. Super sweet but driving at night is definitely not going to be an option. The headlight beams do make it through the bike to the road but there's a small bit that's reflected straight back into the cab.
Two standos, 9'6 longboard, steel leaders, Krokodiles, filet knife, three hand planes, four sets of swim fins, two mask and snorkel sets, three body boards, two Kialoa stando paddles (Methanes... the best), four Staun deflators, four pairs swim trunks, six tee shirts, two pairs flip flops, iPhone, iPod, Yamalube, chain lube, 18" inner tube, 21" inner tube, three passports. There's more but that should cover the most important stuff.

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