Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Go Pro Mods Part II

A whole set of options ran through my mind, including running back to the surf shop and buying the last camera kit they had in stock. When I tried to think of ways to justify that purchase to my wife, the idea quickly went out the window. Hmmm, how about the good ol' duct tape option? But the thought of a gob of duct tape gumming up my new camera and slowly unraveling throughout my session wasn't so appealing.

Then I saw it, there is a "bonus mount" in all that flashy packaging! It's the mount used to display the camera in the fancy transparent jewel box and it's exactly the same mount as the one that comes with the kit. Suddenly it all started to click.

Photo: The bonus mount is right under the camera and can be pried off the black plastic square.

First I'd peel it off the black piece of plastic that it came glued to. Next, I'd cut out a piece of my deckpad. Then, I'd scuff up both the mount and the deck with some sand paper and epoxy it to the surface of my board. Voila!

So here's how I did it, step by step:

You've got to get the mount off of the plastic- notice how it's a perfect match with the white one?

If you heat it with a hair dryer it softens up and comes right off.

The toughest part was cutting and peeling up the deck pad. Whatever holds those deckpads down is tough stuff! I used a razor blade and just scraped, peeled and scratched it until I got all the goo off the board. Then I scuffed it up with some sand paper.

Check back for more of the Bonus Mount Mod!

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Anonymous said...

Hi John, Joe Blair showed me the key to removing deck pad: heat it with a hair-dryer or heat gun, then it just peels right off! ~mike