Thursday, December 4, 2008

PSH For Sale- Snap it up!

Every so often a great deal comes across my desk. Sheldon is a friend from down here in San Diego and he's a super nice guy, surfs well and is STOKED on stand up paddling. Check out the board he's selling- the thing is in EXCELLENT condition. If you want to get on a PSH board at a discount, this is your chance!

Paddle Surf Hawaii (PSH) All Arounder
10'4" x 28 3/8" wide x 4 5/8" thick, small swallow tail, 2+1 setup

Bought new in June 08 from PSH San Diego, excellent condition. EPS & epoxy construction. The board surfs well in ankle to overhead (possibly bigger, but never tried), stable on the nose (if you're into noseriding) but really rips when you surf it off the tail. Surprising as it is, this board is great in bigger surf, since the size and volume of the board allow you to get into the bigger waves earlier and this board can generate some serious down the line speed. The board comes with 3.5" Future side bites and a 8.5" Paddle Surf Hawaii fin. I usually set the center fin all the way to the front of the fin box to loosen up the board. I've also added on a Dakine traction pad and a Surfco nose guard.

I'm selling this board
since I picked up a 9'6" Paddle Surf Hawaii All Arounder. I weigh 160lbs-165lbs and I don't feel like I have enough weight to really surf the 10'4" to it's potential. I like to throw the board around in the wave, floaters, straight ups, hard cutbacks, etc. If you're heavier than me, you'll love the way this board surfs. If you're my weight or lighter, this may be a good beginner/starter board since it'll be super stable, paddle and surf wise (especially if you don't have a "progressive" surf style).

I'm selling this board for $1000.
These boards brand new are $1200+tax, or $1500 with a paddle, from the PSH San Diego shop. I also have a 10' PSH board bag (yes, 10'... the 10'4" fits perfectly in the bag) for an extra $100, it's brand new but a little dirty from the first time I used it... great investment to keep your board out of the sun while you're taking it around and also to protect it from dings.

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