Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cruising in Seal

Here's a couple more sweet shots of the gang up in Seal. Wish we had a few more of those glassy days around here. It's been cold, rainy... and I've got a head cold that makes me want to pound Nyquil like a fiend. Anyways, enjoy the boys gettin' some:

Mitchell, smooth as always. (Photo: Elva De Jarnett)

Is it me, or do the waves look really fun? Greg Escalante undoubtedly getting his kicks. (Photo: Elva de Jarnett)

I was told that this was a "nothing" day... that's a pretty fun little nada if you ask me! (Photo: Elva de Jarnett)

My favorite photo of the bunch: On edge and MOVING. Notice how Mitchell is powering through the backside bottom turn with his hips? If you look you can see that his shoulders are square over his set rail and his hips lead him through the turn- that's the way to carry speed through a backside bottom turn. Atta Boy Mitchell... Killing it! (Photo: Elva de Jarnett)

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Anonymous said...

o ne word for that head cold nellimed.just need to rinse that junk out.capt neg9.