Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Round Up: Event Photos... some Boards

Stand Up Paddle Round Up: Never mind that there was a gale warning posted by NOAA and that it looked like it might rain at any moment- the event still brought out a healthy crowd of curious and eager participants. Here's some photos of a few of the boards... next time: race boards and race photos.

Photo: I got there at 8am and it was blowing hard. We're talking sand blowing freely across the beach and tents tilted to avoid going airborne.

Photo: Naw Skwell... I think this is a Euro brand- some wide and fat boards and a slick race board.

Photo: The Israeli life boat guy... looking a little out of place... but not too much. We're a pretty open-minded bunch.

Photo: Here a Mickey Munoz stand-o that I think is being cloned and popped out by Surftech. That thing had nice lines, looks like a fun board for a bigger day.

Photo: Kristy-the-nosewalker was there with the Chanin surfboard crew- that's the yellow stand-o that she was riding in that video I shot a couple of days ago. See that board in action here.

Photo: Interesting bottom contours on that 9'0.

Photo: There were lots of opportunities for free paddling and even some stand-o instruction by veteran paddlers... all free- what a deal!

Photo: Kiwi grabbed one of the McPhillips boys' mini-stand-o boards. Papa McPhillips had them made for Christmas and here they are today... I want to prone surf one crawler style.

Photo: Next post will feature some of the race boards and racers at the Round Up... this one is what Chris Koerner is paddling. This Nah Skwell racers features headers.... see them?


Chris said...

Aloha John. Good to see you, Kiwi and the IB girls next door down at the Roundup. Hope you have a great summer full of tasty waves and spam fried rice. Fluffy from Dogpatch says hi.

John Ashley said...

Always good to chat Chris- I'll put on my Fluffy repellent and get up there this summer!