Wednesday, May 26, 2010

7'11 Stamps Stand-O: Nelz hookin' one down in the 'hood.

Always stoked to hear from my photog buddy, JWall. This time he had a bunch of land shots of a pretty good day of surf. The stand-os were on it- surfing the Zipper, snagging lefts and rights.

Check out Nelz on the 7'11 Stamps Grim Ripper. He's been test driving this one for the past week or so... Nelz runs it as a quad with an interesting fin set up. The thing looks pretty fast, lots of width in the guts and tail for that one:

Photo: Setting up the bottom turn... waiting, waiting...

Photo: And hammering down on it.... so fun to hold off on that turn and watch the wave start to develop.

Photo: Got to bleed off speed somewhere.

Photo: And how about a little foam rebound for good measure?

Check back for some killer photos of Javi and Pinky.... attack of the stand-o! All photos courtesy of Jeff Wallis, check out his stuff at

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