Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer... time for some new boards!

Days are getting longer... how about a new board for summer? Here's a couple straight out of the Stamps board factory. Two brand new Ninja-Bump models:

Couple of thoughts here:

1. I'm getting the urge to ride a bigger board this summer- something to suck up the smallest surf out there and let me do more with less. Something in the mid 9' to 10' range, a nose rider outline.

2. Ever notice that you don't get your foot all way to the tail of the board most of the time? That's the advantage of having a break in the outline, right where your foot falls there's a pivot point. The bump give the water a place to release from the rail. What do you notice? A little more looseness, a little more release out of turns. Give the bump a try, you'll like it.


Brian Welsh said...

Those board look so sweet. I think that is my 9'8" model as Tim said it was ready. Can't wait to try it out in New England. Thanks for the sneak peak of the board. I'm glad I ran across your site and the Stamp Surfboards.

John Ashley said...

Yes! You're going to love that board- please get some shots of it in action at your local break and send 'em with a description... another paddler on the Stamps team... yes!

Capt Ron said...

I have been playing with shapes on these SUPs for as while now and I still do not see very many other manufacturers experimenting with them.
I am riding this performance longboard style 9'4" since December. When I say performance it has 10.5" of nose rocker and almost 4" in the tail a huge concave in the nose and 2" of Vee coming from the mid to off the tail and the demensions are 21.5"-29-16.5"x4.5" with a thicker rail than normal and a hard edge all the way around. On a prone board board that rocker simply would not work except for a gun nor would the Vee it would plow up the ocean as a longboard.
But on a SUP it surfs absolutely unreal and fitting the wave vertically with that rocker you can put it in places on the face never before dreamed about. It also nose rides better than any longboard I ever had.
Just something to think about I have guys riding my SUPs as prone boards and claiming they are the squirreliest performance long board they ever rode. I actually built the board I ride all around from the cutoffs from making blanks and glassed it light 1 layer 5oz on each side and a light hotcoat. It actually is staying together pretty well. My rocker is not pinacle it flows through the board in a natural curve except for the last 12" of the tail which I flip an extra what ever I can get out of the blank this coupled with Vee realy makes it turn off the tail like a 6'2".
Capt Ron