Saturday, May 29, 2010

Steal this one: New Stamps 8'6 Grim Ripper... $800


At $800 for a new, custom shaped board, this is a killer deal- act fast because I know this one's going to be gone soon. Here's the story, Tim shaped out an 8'6 x 30" x 4" Grim Ripper, packed it up to ship to a customer and the board was damaged during shipping. One ding. Being the good guy that he is, Tim took the board back and has since had the ding professionally repaired. The board is now water tight and ready to rip turn in el stylo de Luke Egan! This thing is sick! I've seen it first hand and if I was in the 160 - 210lb range I'd be on this deal. Heck, if one of you guys doesn't pick it up too soon I might have to work out some kind of agreement... so save me the hassle of trying to explain why I'm coming home with two new boards and buy this thing before I do something stupid. Check it out:

Photo: New, never been paddled. $800. Do it pull the trigger. This is a sweet, forgiving small board shape- a 30" width is a nice forgiving number if you're just jumping down to smaller boards.

Photo: Five fin boxes, go quad on Monday and thruster on Tuesday... or run all five and get weird. Choices. Future Fin set up.... lots of fin options out there.

Photo: Ding repair. Water tight and ready to rock.

Contact Tim at:

$800 what are you waiting for?

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