Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Surfing: Water Shots... J.Wall and his Del Mar Housing Project rig

Local photog J-wall is all fired up on his new Del Mar Housing Projects housing. So much so that he's been out swimming around, risking his life snapping hackers like Pinky, Kristy and me... check out what he's got:

Photo: Pinky, coming through the sticks.

Photo: Kristy was out killing it this day- did you check the video?

Photo: Off the bottom...

Photo: Off the top...

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Lessons: We've been getting some stoked people out and paddling... you should be next! If you're ready to learn how to stand up paddle surf, check out my stand up paddle surf lessons page and learn about me, the lesson and how to be a part of the fun.


Anonymous said...

Go to the lessons! I went last July when I was on leave and it was awesome!
John, I'll be sending you some pics of the SUP ATX (Austin, TX) crew soon. SUP is alive and well even where there's no waves! :-)

John Ashley said...

Yeah Jake! Thanks for the shout out... I'm going to expect big things when you come back out this way.


Jeff Wallis said...


Thanks for posting the pix! Hope to get out during this new swell and shoot some more!


Siren Surf Adventures said...

Jeff! Nice shots! Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Wallis said...


Thanks glad ya like them! It was fun shootin the Suppers that day!!