Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southern Day Dream: An all photo post

Here's a few shots of a great place to be a stand up paddler:

A great place to be... especially if you're goofy footed. Even when it's small, it's fun- as long as you've got the right equipment.

How about a killer, shaded hang out spot, featuring comfy chairs and hammocks and a fridge full of cold ones. Almost too good to be true...

...especially when this is your view.

And we still haven't talked about the premier spot just down the road... or the little beachfront cantina with the great huevos rancheros and.... super cold Pacificos. Yee haw!


Chad said...

Can't wait to get some of that!!!

Anonymous said...

where is this???

John Ashley said...

Hey Anono-

Drop me an email: and I'll let you know.