Monday, April 20, 2009

Odds and Ends: A correction, a video, board rumors.

Looks like I made a mistake about Yan's board that we featured a couple days ago in the little clip from La Jolla Shores. It was shaped by Jim Ellington and his boards are available at Mitch's Surf Shop. By the way, Mitch's shop is becoming somewhat of an epicenter of stand up paddling in the La Jolla area- stop by if you're in the area and check out what he's got going on. Thanks Gail for keeping me honest!

Some new boards in the works? Rumor has it there may be a newly designed and freshly shaped 7'11 stand up coming out of the Stamps board factory. I've seen the preliminary design work on it and all I can say is.... sign me up (I don't know 8'8" or so... maybe 8'6"?). This one's going to be a hot board. Just a rumor right now but as always we'll keep you posted.

Out of nowhere, Jim Brewer up at BlueLine Paddle Surf in Santa Barbara (now that's a cool shop- definitely check that one out if you're up north) sent me this clip of gnarly Hawaiian stand up paddlers getting legitimately barrelled at some North Shore name spots. Understand, a couple of those right hand barrels end in like two feet of water- heavy! If you can't get a full screen view of the clip, click here for the link.


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