Thursday, April 2, 2009

All Photo Goodness: Who reads the text anyways???

The no-caption post. Although I will call this one, "The Kiwi Show" (all photos Kylie K.):

Stand up paddle surf
lessons in sunny San Diego! Now's the time to get off your butt and learn something that may just change your life (or, at least put a big smile on your face!). Stand up paddlesurfing is a water sport for people of all ages. It's fun, a great no-impact workout and it's so ridiculously cool! Give us a call at 619.213.6622 or email Want to read more about the lessons and your instructor? Click here and let it all soak in!

Go check out BEACHSURF! it's coming back to life and being updated almost daily with surf shots of bodyboarders, longboarders, shortboarders, bodysurfers and random happenings in our crazy world of sand. Check it out!

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