Monday, October 6, 2008

Talk to the hands behind the planers: Sacred Craft Surf Expo Oct. 11 and 12 Del Mar Ca.

Here's your chance to talk to the minds behind the shapes. The Sacred Craft Surf Expo is happening this weekend, October 11th and 12th here in San Diego, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Last year the show was packed. Imagine being stuffed elbows to ears into a sweaty shoebox filled with rabid board-o-philes all trying to get a look at the "shaper in a glass box" demonstration. This year the hall is more than twice as large and it sounding like the thing is going to go off.
The Sacred Craft Expo is nothing like an industry trade show. This show strikes way more to the soul of our sport. The feature here isn't the new emo-inspired surf trunk line (think saggy black lycra biker shorts- coming to a shorebreak near you!) it's all about the surfboard and the people who build them. Boards, shapers, fin templates and the relative merits of the thumb tail versus the squash tail- if this is the kind of stuff you're into than this is where you should be this weekend. At the very least, there's some excellent people watching to be done.

I scanned the list of exhibitors and there's a pretty healthy stand up paddle contingent including: Channel Islands Surfboards (yep, big Al is a huge fan), Ron House, Tim Stamps, Dave Daum, Angulo, Stu Kenson, Robert August (Wingnut model SUB), Hobie and Walden Surfboards.

You can bet that they'll all be featuring their latest progressions into the world of stand up surfing- this is when the hot new boards come out. What's cool is that we're seeing more shapers jumping into the game. There's board offerings from labels I've never even heard of- I'm all for it. The more minds we put to this game the better the shapes become- and if any of you need a test pilot...

Stand up paddle surf lessons are still available and the fall is the time to hop on it! We've had beautiful paddling weather the last couple of days and the water is still warm down here in sunny San Diego- if you've been thinking that this might be for you, don't hesitate! Call us now and let's get your private stand up lesson going! We've put tons of people on stand up boards; we're certain you're going to be a stand up paddling champ! Give us a call 619.213.6622 or email


srfnff said...


I'll be there...leaving in a few minutes. Let's go for a surf. We'll swap boards...I'll try your new Stamps and you can ride the new Angulo 10-2. It's gonna be fun!

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary-

That Angulo looks cool- I'd love to try it!

The new 9'4" will be in the show so I won't have it until Sunday afternoon- would love trade boards then if it works out.

See you at the show.


Anonymous said...

john hows the 1.5 lite and airy rig on order 9.6 pullingit in here and there.little fatter.k

John Ashley said...

Hey El Capitan-

Seems like I've missed you a few times! Been crazy around here- lessons continue and with Sacred Craft and Dempsey contest coming up it's been nuts!

1.5lb is sweet- you'll push on the deck and create pressure dings but being surfers we're used to that right?

Amazing how zippy the board is- it just fits the wave so much better- if it's steep you know it'll just hold. It goes rail to rail so fast and with so much less hesitation than my last board.

It's a step up in skill level when it's choppy though- and I am getting way more tired for the same amount of time on the water than I would with my other board- definitely a work out!

Can't wait to hear about your freshy send me all the details! Who's going to glass it?