Sunday, October 19, 2008

WildCoast Dempsey Holder Contest: SUP Video Clip!

WildCoast's annual community surf event, The Dempsey Holder Ocean Festival, went off today in small surf on the south side of the Imperial Beach pier. The event is the region's best organized surf contest, providing a fun community surf competition for surfers of all ages. WildCoast is to be commended for the event which was fast paced, well organized and perfectly executed. Thanks WildCoast for another excellent event!

Camera Grom is back in the mix! Here's the Grom's contest cut, hot out of the editing room:

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Stand Up Paddle Contest Results:

1st Place Mike Gillard
2nd Place Kelly Kraus
3rd Place John Ashley

Check Back: I've got a killer line up of good stuff coming up in the next few days. Here's a little sample:

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And: Johnson Big Stick paddles- wait 'til you see the new colored blades...SICK! Built to order, made to last!

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Anonymous said...

WHOO DEMPSEY!!! Yeah great job guys that video shows some great footage of everyone Awsome job all around everyone!!!!

Kelly Kraus said...

That cut when Mike G does the switch foot sideslip kills me... did he pull it?