Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wrapping one in Mainland Mexico...

Stand up surfers have a ridiculous advantage on the point breaks. Especially the big, well defined, water-flowing-from-top-to-bottom-like-a-river peelers. If you're crawling (lay down paddling) it's a long slog uphill after a run down the point. On a stand up board it's an easy cruise back with an excellent view. If you've got your skills down, and feel comfortable paddling in ocean chop and swell, there really is no better way to surf a good point. Stand up paddling takes the drudgery out of it and once you've surfed it our way- there's no going back. Except for another long one!

Photo above: The big left point breaks of mainland Mexico are well suited to a stand up surfing approach. Combine a glassy left-handed peeler with a hot goofy footer on the right board and sparks are guaranteed to fly. B.H., pre-bionic hips, lighting one up in deep Mexico.

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