Monday, December 19, 2011

Always the same... the night before is a pain in the ass!

I'm always up way too late the night before a trip. No matter how much I plan and coordinate there's always a million things to be done and the list doesn't seem to get shorter. Here's a big one- fins. When you know you're going to ride lots of waves (for long distances) you start getting ideas. You decide you're finally going to try out all the different fin combos you've been holding all year. 

At least that's me- I have all these beautiful fins I've been dying to let run and damn if I'm going to leave any of 'em at home. So a biggy on the list is to narrow down the fin quiver- I really, really can't bring them all (my bags too heavy already). Check the shot below, that's my short list- tell me who you'd cut. You see it's a pain in the ass- it really is (BTW: thank you Future Fins for making this conundrum possible): 

Okay- remember this is the short list so who gets the cut from these guys? The Laird Thruster set? The Nectars? The tried and true Gerry set, the Jamie Mitchell quads, the one-of-a-kind buttery smooth G10 keels or the crazy hatchet, the Albacore or the 6 and 7" surf fins... Give me you best shot and I'll tell you who I really did leave behind.


Steve Bell said...

I think your screwed, you should brig them all. That is a big pain.

John Ashley said...

Hey Gents:

Steve- nope, that bag got too heavy and if you go over 50lbs you're screwed... I took out two sets of fins and ended up at 47lbs... close to the limit and imagine if I had to get rid of my speedo collection?

Jon: Definitely would love to see you and CD come rip this place... would be super fun to organize a trip... let's talk about that!

Merry Christmas everybody!