Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paddling and Surfing with the Boga Boys and Gals (in the land of the great white toothy guy)

Got a chance to snag a few bumpy ones with the Boga crew up in Nor Cal. We've been having our own white shark problems here in Southern San Diego- these guys live with it on a day-to-day basis. The spot we paddled felt sharky (oh, that's right there've been confirmed shark attacks there) but that didn't stop the gnarly water filmer from hopping right in and swimming around in that living pot of seafood stew. Anyways, I am amazed at the what the put together here- I mean I really dig the vibe of this clip. Pretty rad what real pro video guys can do- damn cool. Check it out:


Better Yeti said...

Ah, Davenport. I grew up on the Monterey Peninsula, generally traumatized and ground up into tiny grom-bits by everything from Santa Cruz to Fuller's beach in Big Sur. Of course, never would have even thought to paddle out on a day like the one in your vid here. It's really cool to see -- one of the things I love about SUP is its frugality; here's a nothing wave, on what would have been a nothing day, but apply new equipment and technique, and viola -- you have created fun and adventure out of thin air (and epoxy and carbon fiber). Nice job.

Capt Ron said...

Sweet Vid John,
Weird seeing you ride a Aircraft carrier. What was that a 12 fter. Even with that chop looks pretty fun but with that washy murky water and big sharks around UMM I don't know if I would take a chance on a small pointy nose board either.

Paddle Girl said...

Great clip! Everyone looked like they were having a blast, and you're right pretty amazing what some professional video guys can put together. Makes me want to get out on my board now.

John Ashley said...

Yeti: You're on the money with the frugality of SUP- that was a nothing wave that became super fun with the right equipment. Notice I was on the biggest board out there- I was sketched... and the water was COLD! Beautiful spot though.

John Ashley said...

Hey Paddle Girl-

Funny how vids will do that- I just happened upon the old clip that I posted tonight of me and my friends paddling last year or the year before- got me all fired up to get out and carve some turns. But here I am momentarily trapped in Sacramento! Get it when I get back to SD. Get out and get some!

John Ashley said...

Yeah Ron- that was a big boy... remember those? They're still fun- especially that El Rey- tons of glide.