Monday, November 26, 2012

SUP Factory in Puerto Rico: MHL Shaping Warehouse

My good buddy and world traveling surf voyager Manny Vargas (check him out at just sent me this little clip of the MHL stand up paddle factory in Puerto Rico. I've always wanted to check out Puerto Rico, it's cool to see stand up paddle has taken root there in such a big way.


Anonymous said...

very cool- i too have heard lots of good things about PR-would be interested in checking it out one day-vibe seems mellow all over-good to hear from you again John Boy!


John Ashley said...

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the welcome back- I'm trying to wear all hats right now so I'm stretched a little thin. But... I'm leaving to Baja for three weeks in a couple weeks- and am taking a different route down to Cabo to paddle some of the inside spots. So get ready for lots of updates. BTW: I think I saw your boy tearing up the DogPatch on Thanksgiving on a green board? All the Boehne guys were there- it was pretty fun surf.

Take care,


Marty said...

Hey John!!

I love this vid all because of the the "king of the bongo track". thanks...any corky lefts this summer?