Saturday, December 29, 2012

A new year... for me.

December 29th. My birthday, forty-four years of pumping blood and air. Rad.

Just spoke to my media-mogul friend who told me I should be doing these updates in video. Hmmm, maybe someday... could be a good time to try something new.

I took a different route down this time- following a friend who knows where the nooks and crannies with waves are found. I glad we did it this way, I saw places and waves I haven't surfed before. This right is a small but long wave- on a regular surfboard it would be a drive-by wave, on a 10'6 stando it's a playground.


Ed O'Malley said...

John - Happy belated birthday! I share the same b-day (1973). I enjoy reading about your adventures on the West Coast, often while freezing here on the East Coast (Connecticut).

Happy New Year!


Jeff Knox said...

Feliz cumple y prospero anyo!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday John!
Heres to many more bdays and rad sup adventures-all the best in 2013!


CD is at PLNU starting Jan 8-lets grab a Cliffs sesh soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday John! 44...the big Willie McCovey! Hope you're catching some fun ones down there.

Chris Koerner said...

Happy Birthday and HNY to you John! Midnight surf session on tap tonight at fun little south county spot.

John Ashley said...

Thanks and happy birthday to you Ed! Thanks for checking out the site- keep warm over there.

Better Yeti said...

"... on a stando it's a playground."

And *that* is the point! My stando has reinvented the coastline for me. Commutes "crappy" to "happy". And that's the reason that, despite a bunch of prone sticks still in the shed, I'm never going back. Not dissing pronies -- just not worth it for me anymore. I'd rather paddle two miles to something inaccessible and marginal, and have it to myself, or to a few others of the faithful...