Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When it all comes together...

We scored. Sometimes you get lucky, we had some good info about swell and wind direction and we acted on it- the decision paid off. All things considered, the five days spent camped out at this spot were the most satisfying surf days I've had in Baja. Check it out:

An out of season south swell and a really mellow wind pattern produced some very fun surf. 
Lots of wide open waves- since nobody thought it would be that good.
Not a bad set-up, camp out in front of the spot you want to surf.
The water was aquarium clear and warm.
No barrels but good, clean, down the line, racetrack sections still provided a great time.
Nothing life threatening, head-high and fun for a week.
We were there long enough to have to begin rationing food, water and beer.
Fully deployed.
Glassy and empty, take your pick of the waves coming through but you better like lefts.
This inside racetrack section was empty all day long. Further inside, at a spot I call little reverse malibu, there were only fish swimming and birds diving.
Here comes a good one.
Early morning light hits the surf ghetto.
Long lines up the point- a couple feet overhead and reeling. And empty.
Ridiculously fun to carve big lazy turns all day long.
Or maybe you'd like to just come off the bottom and fly across huge open sections... the choice is yours.
Endless possibilities out there.
A gem coming right at me.
Off to the races again.
Only a couple of feet deep here but no urchins to worry about and nothing sharp to hurt you.
Doing this, leads to this...
Floating around on the white water rebound.
Fun to carve big arcs.
Fun to bury the rail off the bottom. 
I paddle, the ducks paddle.
View from the front porch.
We had to drive away from fun looking surf to score these waves, this isn't easy to do. But, nothing risked nothing gained AND I've now got additional data points to add to the supercomputer between my ears that will help me get it good someday in the future.


thesupguide said...

Looks like a GREAT day for SUP'ing! Those waves look awesome.

Robert Stehlik said...

Wow that looks like an awesome place to SUP and you got it all to yourself, nice!
Aloha, Robert