Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photos and Words

Just some photos and words... didn't I just say that?

This is where you eat breakfast after a morning spent surfing the rivermouth/point just out front. The place is reverse Lowers. A real goofy footers revenge- just like reverse Trestles without the Interstate in the back ground or San Clemente breathing down your neck.

Here's the program: Surf 'til your crazy hungry then plop down at the one place on the beach where you can grab a bite. Pops watches over the beer cooler while his girls stoke up the grill with wood collected off the beach (check out the smoke coming off the fire in the upper right corner). Fish out some pesos from your trunks, it's a buck a beer and about three more for some warm tortillas, eggs, beans and all the ambiance you can handle.

Did I say that it was a fun wave?

Photo: Cool water shot- Alf's head was probably ten inches from the rail of my board when he shot this one- water photogs are nuts.

Photo: The infamous Go Pro. Loved by those who own them, hated by those who don't. I dig how glassy the water is in this shot- that and I like checking out how the outline of that board fits into the wave and how the tail sits down into the water. Love 'em or hate 'em those little cameras do provide a unique angle on the act.

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