Friday, May 15, 2009

The way it SHOULD be...

Kraig's digging his new board. His surfing even looks different. He's flowing, carrying speed- carving. It's obvious that this board's opening up some new doors for him; which is the way it should be. Here's what he's got to say in his own words:

Hi Tim,

Thanks for shaping up board number two.

You're like the side show guy at the Fair who sizes you up and predicts everything about you. Stuff like weight, height, age, dog's name, amount of cash in your pocket and, in this case, how you surf.

Must be a little magic in that shop because you hit it right on the head with the new 9'6". I asked for a smaller board that a bigger guy like me could still ride, you sized me up, wrote down some numbers and schwack- nailed it: 9'6" 29" x 4.5".

The board looks and feels great. Every wave it's suprised me a little more, I'm still figuring out where all the buttons are... The thing went unreal on Tuesday but it's obvious there's still so much more under the hood. WOW.

This is the real deal, big-guy SUP shortboard. The thing is ON FIRE!

Thanks again and see you in the water,


Do yourself a favor, mix it up this summer. Order up a new stick- something different than your daily driver. Push it a little- something to wrap your mind around this summer. Keep growing, keep shredding.

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Anonymous said...

i thought that double nose was good for something.captneg9.

Anonymous said...

kraig you sure are surfing better and standing erect.and the dirt devil gots it all wrong.captneg9. e