Saturday, June 6, 2009

Get out and find some.

You've heard what is said about locals right? Here it is, one of my favorite pieces of surf wisdom: "A local is just a dirt bag who never got his act together enough to travel". I wish I had somebody to credit that to... if you know drop me an email so I can give due 'props.

In the spirit of getting out and finding some, here are a couple of shots my local friend sent me from his recent trip to Central America. Scored. Definitely not a dirtbag. Enjoy:

Photo: If you're in the water and you see this, you're about to get drenched.

Photo: Nope, not a stand up board. But how easily could you superimpose yourself onto this wave? Now just get your act together and do it.

Photo: The cool think about long points like this is that if you stay with them long enough (keep cutting back!) you're bound to score the inside racetrack.

Photo: That wave looks insanely carveable.

Photo: The aforementioned racetrack section.

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Anonymous said...

Shaka braka to the King of IB. I see that guy down there all the time! His style was made for a long right point, powerful yet smooth of the rail. Nice photos.

Sunset Cliff

paddled 33's early for inconsistent 2-4 foot south lefts, a few fun ones, uncrowded at least

John Ashley said...

Yep- Mr. IB, Dave Para...kills it!

Chad said...

I want a mirror image of that place in my back yard!

Anonymous said...

Hello John. I was just looking at your blog and I know you are in Mainland right now. It was Owl Chapman.
Jim Knox